I have been doing videos since I was a kid. I inherited my fathers super 8 camera, his projector and editing tools and made small 3-minute films. My father has left a pile of films from his sea travels around the world, most of them extremely boring at first glance as they mostly are about sailing in and out of harbors, driving in cars etc. and very little about himself, life on board his ships, everyday life etc. It took me some time to accept video, when the first cameras and VHS’s appeared in the mid 1970’ies. I didn’t like the colours and the almost unlimited length of film. I liked the 3-minute standard, made you consider what you wanted to do before you pressed the button. But later I was hooked and has been buying a lot of cameras ever since.

Some of my videos are shot in the recording studio, others are field recordings from my Gnawa experiences in Maroc. To see all my videos, please visit my YouTube Channel

Inspiration, Intuition, Improvisation is my first ‘real’ movie featuring a handful of the most talented musicians on the Danish Impro scene. Due to the corona virus the movie didn’t make it to the film festivals, but I hope it will be out there sooner or later. You can see a promo here.

I have made some instructional videos on bass playing you can see at the Bass menu.

When I release a record, I usually make some promo videos:

Django Bates

Originally this interview was a part of the movie ‘Inspiration, Intuition, Improvisation’, but it felt wrong to have an English speaking musician among all the Danish improvisors. Now I have released this very openminded interview with one of my big heroes as a separate film. He plays 2 of his compositions ‘Sadness all the way down’ and ‘We are not lost, we are simply finding our way’ on the piano as well.


Chico was an exceptional person on the latin music scene in Copenhagen , where he lived since the beginning of the 1960ies. Elegant and stylish you would find him around town, especially if there were nice music and ladies around. Here the late Jakob Andersen and I made him talk (in Danish) about his life and experiences in Latin America and Europe, and I have added pictures from his private photo album.