Latin Vibes

Latin Vibes started playing in the street in Copenhagen as a pop-up band, but moved indoors and started to work seriously with the music. The quartet plays strictly latin-jazz featuring vibraphonist Morten Grønvad and 2 of my very old friends Ethan Weisgard and Birger Sulsbrück. We’ve been playing in Cox Orange since the mid 1970’s with Ethan on drums and Birger on percussion. Here Ethan plays timbales and Birger congas.

The latin-jazz concept is interesting for me as a bass player, because the Cuban bass lines are great fun to play and the role of the bass is clearly outlined according to the different moods and dances the music relates to. Actually you can pick any tune and turn it into latin-jazz, and that is what we do: apart from jazz standards like Bernie’s Tune and All the Things You are, we play Beatles songs, musical themes and of course Cuban originals like Mambo at the Inn.

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Latin Vibes at an outdoor concert in Copenhagen