PULS improvisations

I had 2 nice days with a Danish-Norwegian group, one night in Copenhagen and another in Oslo in the beginning of December. The concerts are curated by PULS, a meeting and joint venture between the ILK label (DK) and Blow Out (N). I had the pleasure of inviting Helga Myhr, a young talented hardanger fele player, and Eivind Lønning, an extraordinary trumpet player and sound creator. On drums I had my long time associate Marilyn Mazur – so I was a lucky man. Unfortunately Marilyn fell ill after the Copenhagen concert, and couldn’t make it to Oslo, Norway. She was substituted by Per Oddvar Johansen at the Kafé Hærverk, and he did a great job. For me it was a new experience playing with all new musicians – except Mazur. If you read Norwegian you will get a good impression of what happened here: https://salt-peanuts.eu/consert/kontrasterende-sessions-i-h15/ Check out the Salt-peanuts website, if you want to know about what is happening on the jazz scene.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2021

Monday July 5th @5E, Slagtehusgade: Strange Brothers – 22:30

Tuesday July 6th @5E, Slagtehusgade: Movie: Inspiration, Intuition, Improvisation – 18:00

Tuesday July 6th @5E, Slagtehusgade: Klökkeblömst – 21:00

Friday July 9th @Hotel Cecil, Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10: Mikkel Nordsø Band – 20:00

Saturday July 10th @Blågårdens Bibliotek, Blågårds Plads 5: John Tchicai book release – 16:00

Sunday July 11th @H15, Halmtorvet 15: Kristian Tangvik – 19:00

Sunday July 11th @5E, Slagtehusgade: M.Rexen vs DOOM – 22:30

Thursday July 15th @Christianshavns Beboerhus: Latin Vibes – 20:00

Coming up: 2 new releases in 2021

I have written and recorded 2 new projects this spring and they will be released on vinyl in August and November 2021 on the ILK label.

The 6-voice female vocal ensemble GLAS has recorded 12 compositions (and lyrics) of mine to be released August 2nd: Landene Som Forsvandt (Nowherelands). Based on author Bjørn Berges book ‘Nowherelands, an Atlas of Vanished Countries 1840-1975’, I have written 12 songs as imaginary songs of freedom and uprising, as fictional anthems or hymns of praise.

This is my first collection of songs for vocal ensemble, and for GLAS in particular and I have learned a lot since I started out in 2019. As a composer I have a taste for clustered voicing, odd meters and juicy stuff, and GLAS has been working hard to get the best out of my songs. They are difficult, spicy and with a touch of folk song, pygmean singing and jazz.

To be released in November: Absolute Danstrup, which is a fictional compilation album featuring 11 tracks with changing musicians on every track, featuring some 24 artists. For Danes the title might refer to the Minister of Culture, who found herself in a SoMe shit storm for admitting that she as a young girl fancied Absolute Music 2, a very popular compilation in the 1980’s. You might think that I am joining the stultification. But this is not the case. It is most of all a comment to the compilation album as such, and to its ideological contrast absolute music meaning music in its purest form, non-representational music. While the Absolute Music CD’s in the 80ies where entirely commercial with no message or direction, Absolute Danstrup is the contrary: personal experiences and statements, mostly conceived during my 5-week stay in hospital with Covid-19. It also reflects the #metoo situation in Denmark and the Trump era.