PULS improvisations

I had 2 nice days with a Danish-Norwegian group, one night in Copenhagen and another in Oslo in the beginning of December. The concerts are curated by PULS, a meeting and joint venture between the ILK label (DK) and Blow Out (N). I had the pleasure of inviting Helga Myhr, a young talented hardanger fele player, and Eivind Lønning, an extraordinary trumpet player and sound creator. On drums I had my long time associate Marilyn Mazur – so I was a lucky man. Unfortunately Marilyn fell ill after the Copenhagen concert, and couldn’t make it to Oslo, Norway. She was substituted by Per Oddvar Johansen at the Kafé Hærverk, and he did a great job. For me it was a new experience playing with all new musicians – except Mazur. If you read Norwegian you will get a good impression of what happened here: https://salt-peanuts.eu/consert/kontrasterende-sessions-i-h15/ Check out the Salt-peanuts website, if you want to know about what is happening on the jazz scene.

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