Landene som Forsvandt

The Countries that Disappeared – Landene som Forsvandt

I was given an interesting book by the Norwegian writer (and architect) Bjørn Berge called Landene som Forsvandt (The Countries that Disappeared). Mr. Berge’s book is about some 50 places around the world that has emerged and disappeared again – mostly because of politics, colonialism or revolutions. It could be exotic islands, kingdoms, colonies – and Berge describes each of them, briefly, but adds maps, literature, stamps (sic!) and history.

While reading the book I got inspired to pick out some of countries and make a composition to each of them. Very soon the project led to a lot of considerations and it ended up as a series of 12 songs for a 6-voiced female choir, an audio recording and adding visuals to the concerts on screens at stage.

Glas, the choir, is based in Copenhagen and started to sing (in 2001) out of a common interest and love in Bulgarian folk music.  Nowadays you will hear them still harbour folk music but also modern opera, world music and now – the song cycle of the disappeared countries. The music is inspired from many sources around the world – like the stories themselves. Glas is very good at working with close voicing and some of the songs indicates this. Also extended chords and odd meters are present.

The visual part will be completed when the songs are rehearsed and recorded.

We expect the first concerts to be held In Copenhagen August 2021.